Wellness Visits

Information obtained during a wellness examination can help detect early signs of illness and address health issues before they progress. A wellness examination includes an a visual, auditory and hands on evaluation of of your pet’s During the wellness visit to we will ask you questions about your pet’s behavior, appetite, exercise habits, and regular activities at home. We will also discuss diagnostic testing that identify non-visual problems your animal may have. Vaccines for your individual animal’s needs will be offered. This visit gives us the opportunity address your questions or concerns about your pet.

Medical/Surgical Problem visit

A complete history of the animal is taken and a physical exam is performed. We use in-house diagnostic equipment giving us rapid results helping us diagnose your sick pet while you are here. We have available; CBC and Chemistry/Electrolyte Blood analyzers, Urine analysis, Fecal testing for intestinal parasites, and Tick Borne Diseases/ Heartworm screening. If we need to send to an out-source lab, they have daily currier pick-up and e-mail the results to us, usually the next morning. Digital X-rays provide our doctors high quality electronic images. We also have limited ultrasound availability.


To reduce complications during and after the surgical procedure we provide the following care. A detailed surgical exam and blood work-up is done to detect unseen problems before anesthesia and surgery. I.V. lines are placed for rapid administration of fluids and medicines. Gas anesthesia is used for longer procedures and short-acting, reversible injectable anesthetics are used for short procedures. Our Technicians monitor our patients continuously using their nursing skills and our high tech equipment. A surgical laser is used to reduce pain and bleeding. Pain medications are used during and post surgery.


Just like humans, pet’s need regular care for their teeth. Dental diseases can impact a pet’s overall health leading to pain,heart, kidney and liver disease. . Our dental services include all the care provided during a surgery, ultrasonic scaling and polishing, digital radiographs, detailed assessments, tooth extractions and oral surgery.


Verona Vet Prescription Foods

Prescriptions and Prescription Foods

We maintain an inventory of primary medications for use in companion animals. We always have Heartworm Prevention and Flea/ Tick products on the shelf so you can take them home with you or stop in when you need them. We carry a variety of Hill’s Science Diet, Royal Canin and Purina prescription diets. If there is an item we do not have in stock, our distributors get us the product quickly, usually the next business day. Calling ahead for refills assures we will have the medication ready when you arrive.

The products offered through our practice, meet strict quality standards as regulated by U.S. federal and state agencies. All products purchased through Verona Veterinary Medical Service carry the full manufacturer product guarantee.